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[at Outer Space Gallery]

The Winter Haven Arts Center & Outer Space Gallery is the second generation of the Arts Ensemble Education Foundation "Arts for All" Centers. Originally a resident arts program the incubator serves as a landing space for all artists and art lovers alike. Through this center we work in partnership with institutions of higher education, local galleries and museums, artists, and special instructors to provide a menu of workshops, sessions, and arts exhibitions, and special programs that serve the Greater Winter Haven Community.
Volunteer - You can make a difference by volunteering at Winter Haven Art Center @Outer Space. The center depends on volunteers to assist in its many programs, exhibitions, events and general operations. Being part of the team is always a fun and rewarding experience. Your participation helps to ensure Winter Haven Art Center's vision of playing a vital role in building a stronger community through the arts. Volunteering is also a good way to meet other artists and fellow lovers of the arts. We can't wait to hear from you.