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Arts Ensemble Education Foundation, Winter Haven, FL



an arts incubator with emphasis on education and art in public places.

We help connect communities and residents through art and the creative process.

About Us:

Arts Ensemble Education Foundation, Winter Haven, FL
Arts Ensemble is a proud recipient of the Prodigy grant, (a DDJ research based cultural arts program) has been approved for the 2018-2019 grant year. We have been selected as the Organization to provide after-school cultural arts programming to our youth in Polk County. Classes will be available to youth ages 5-17 years old throughout the school year beginning August 13, 2018. Applications are available.

Disciplines include the Visual Arts and Dance classes. All classes are being held at the Eloise Resource Center. After school programming also includes MobyMax (an on-line learning system that assists children by filling in learning 'gaps' and helping the learn twice as fast), we also provide healthy snacks, and tutoring, (as needed).

In addition to the Prodigy grant, Arts Ensemble has had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Florida Polytechnic University for the debut of the Day for Dreams Project. This day provides youth from grades 4th though 6th, a chance to visit the campus and tour STEM disciplines as well as having a campus tour and meeting Professors and Students. This day gives a "hands-on" approach to youth who are interested in Robotics, Media, and Garden Sustainability.

Arts Ensemble will also continue its on-going partnership with Polk County Parks and Recreation and will be attending and sponsoring literature about our programming at various events. The next scheduled event is the Hispanic Heritage Festival on September 22, 2018. Arts Ensemble along with Prodigy Moves will represented.
Arts Ensemble Education Foundation, Winter Haven, FL
Thank you POLK COUNTY BOCC for being the most amazing partner in providing services for those in need ALWAYS! You are SINCERELY THE BEST. I remain thankful and love some of you (you know who are) to no end. It is real and often difficult what we do at Arts Ensemble to keep our programs funded and going!
preview-gallery-2.2019 Group Prodigy Proclamation
preview-gallery-2.2019 Prodigy Proclamation

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